lördag 16 april 2022

April 2022 Update

Yeah it's been a while since last update here as I tend to forget this page all the time. Sorry!

I guess most of you have some sort of social media or word-of-mouth news feed and found info there.

Since last releases like Franky Lee, Merger Remnant, Genocide Super Stars, Sweet Teeth and Agoni came out. I still have a few left of most of those so check out the online store HERE and bookmark it in your browser.

At pressing right now is Tyrant "Reclaim The Flame" 15yr anniversary edition which I'm putting out with my great friend Gus of Tvåtakt Records. Record is a beast and sounds better than ever as we got a new mastering and just approved the test press. Check out (the old mastering) of the album further down for a taste.

I also have a few other releases at pressing at this moment but more about those soon.

Agoni sold out right away and will be repressed asap. Super stoked that I got the trust to release their "demography" as I've been listening to them since the late 80's. Thanks a ton to all involved in the release and for all the kind words about it.

I'm just gonna keep on packing records and find new exiting stuff to work on!

Til' next time, take care and THANKS ya'll!


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