tisdag 16 oktober 2018

No Fun At All pre-order starts tomorrow!

Just a heads up!

No Fun At All "Vision" vinyl pre-orders will start tomorrow Oct 17 at 19:00 CET right here http://denihilrecords.bigcartel.com/

torsdag 27 september 2018

Nihil024 - No Fun At All - "Vision" 12" Out soon!

Our next release is a classic for sure and we are of course super stoked to present....

Nihil024 - No Fun At All "Vision" 12"

25 years after it's original release on cd it'll finally be available on vinyl on De:Nihil Records!

onsdag 14 februari 2018

New 7" out with HAG

De:Nihil Records breaking bad news news again. New 7" out with HAG. Sinnessjuk Hardcore Punk! Limited to 300 copies. Check HAG Soundcloud and go get it tiger! De:Nihil webshop opens 18-02-16.

torsdag 8 juni 2017

Råpunk-podcast på svenska!

Hittade en hyfsat nystartad råpunk-podcast på svenska.
Bomberna Faller heter den så klicka dit och lyssna på nya låtar och andra nyheter inom råpiunken.


torsdag 23 mars 2017

Axe Rash "Head Vs Wall" OUT NOW!

Axe Rash "Head Vs Wall" OUT NOW!
7 vicious nihilistic tunes delivered by this new band.
Best Swedish hardcoreband right now!
300x on black vinyl, co-released with UK's finest punklabel Imminent Destruction Records.


torsdag 9 mars 2017

OUT NOW! Sork "Ja Ja/En För Alla" 7" !!

SORK "Ja Ja/En För Alla" 7" !!

At times like this. Realize that the best response when confronted by an armed assailant is passive response.
You need to dance to avoid being shot.
You need SORK’s suggestive and uncompromising avantgarde disco.
Only SORK can unarm a gunman.
Hit back with hypnotic fuzzgrooves and replace common sense with a trombone.
Enable you to dance the night away and descent into light.

Get it HERE.