onsdag 1 maj 2019

Next up! MORDBRAND "Döden / Efter Döden" 7" and digital release. Pre-orders up now!

Next up on De:Nihil Rec!

Yes that's right, next up is MORDBRAND "Döden / Efter Döden" 7" (as well as digital release),
2 songs of bruuuutal Swedish death metal at it's finest.

Pre-orders up HERE now! Out mid May 2019.

fredag 15 februari 2019




fredag 8 februari 2019

Next Up! NITAD "Allt Är Upp Och Ner" 7" EP

Next Up!

NITAD "Allt Är Upp Och Ner" 7" EP

We are absolutely stoked to soon put out a brand new EP from one of our favouritebands and the first band we ever released on De:Nihil Rec!
3 new great tracks of their awesome brand of Swedish meets American Hardcore punk.
Catchy as hell yet in your face just like Nitad always done it.

This i sa co-release with our friends Farewell rec.
We'll let you know as soon as pre-order starts.

Get Nitad!

tisdag 16 oktober 2018

No Fun At All pre-order starts tomorrow!

Just a heads up!

No Fun At All "Vision" vinyl pre-orders will start tomorrow Oct 17 at 19:00 CET right here http://denihilrecords.bigcartel.com/

torsdag 27 september 2018

Nihil024 - No Fun At All - "Vision" 12" Out soon!

Our next release is a classic for sure and we are of course super stoked to present....

Nihil024 - No Fun At All "Vision" 12"

25 years after it's original release on cd it'll finally be available on vinyl on De:Nihil Records!