fredag 2 oktober 2015

New ANSTALT 7". pre-order!

Next up on De:Nihil Records as you can see will be one of our favorite bands, ANSTALT..
We are now ready to start pre-orders for the ANSTALT - Ashes To Ashes EP. 

It is a co-release with germanys PAIN OF MIND and FAREWELL RECORDS and DE:NIHIL RECORDS.

"Ashes To Ashes" contains 4 brand new songs of an unstoppable mix of loud rocknroll, crust and classic swedish HC/punk ala Poison Idea. 

150 copies will be pressed on clear vinyl, which will be only available from the labels and at ANSTALT gigs. 

First come first served.

Check it out!

fredag 7 augusti 2015

We are still alive!

Yes believe it or not, we are alive!

It's just been really hectic times with other shit for a bit.
Larre moved to Malmö aka Crime City, released a new album with Millencolin and Calle's been working on stuff with both Pig Eyes , Nervgift as well as some really cool solo-music/noise.

Anyways, we have an awesome new punkrock-release in the loop which we are very happy about and will reveal very soon for you!

In order to make room for some upcoming stuff we will lower wholesale prices on previous releases we still have a few left of, for example Concrete Cross, Phoebus Beat Clan, Swarm and Pig Eyes.
Get in touch and we'll hook you distropunx up!

// L & C

tisdag 2 december 2014

P3 GULD: Gravmaskin is nominated!

Thats right GRAVMASKIN is nominated for the P3 GULD (P3Gold) award in the rock/metal category. P3 is a National Public Service Radio Channel in Sweden. And GRAVMASKIN everything you need for company in these difficult times. Don't miss them playing at Fritz Corner in Stockholm tomorrow, 141203. Merry Christmas everybody! 

Vote for GRAVMASKIN here!

HOW TO VOTE: Scroll down and click on the Gravmaskin pic. Then click "Registrera din röst!" . You register by using your Facebook account. If you succed it will say "Boom". But nothing will show up in your feed. You can also vote by using your phone. Fill in your numer in the box below "Registrera din röst!" and click the button next  to it.

Live "Dr. Who" intro and "Desert" from Oslo

tisdag 25 november 2014

GRAVMASKIN: Volym 1 is now on Spotify.

You can now listen to the full album on SPOTIFY. Record lovers can get their vinyls here: If you worship across the ocean. Check out ELECTRIC ASSULT RECORDS. For rest of Europe; go to SOUND OF COBRA RECORDS. Both labels carry some of the most amazing shit ever! Scandinavians can order directly through our shop HERE. Or through selected record stores. Get in touch for more details.

torsdag 13 november 2014

fredag 31 oktober 2014

NEW RELEASE: Gravmaskin Vol. 1

We're proud to announce that Gravmaskin's debut LP Volym 1 is out now. It's a 180g white vinyl beauty in 300 copies. Head over to the Sleepy Shaman to get a full stream of the album. Due to some delay at the pressing plant we are not able to ship just yet. But you can place you're order in our shop and we will t.c.b. asap!