torsdag 16 september 2021

Update 16 Sept 2021


Been lazy updating this page, sorry!

Finally our (me & Tvåtakt Rec) huge project Genocide Superstars "Seven Inches Behind Enemy Lines" 2xLP collection of all EPs, demo, tracks from comps and even lost tracks are up for preorder! We are so stoked about it.

There's also new De:Nihil merch as well as distro records available RIGHT HERE.

What more...YES! 

Sweet Teeth 12", Franky Lee MLP is out!  Gadget/RTLN split 7" sold out in just a few days. Crazy.

Speaking of Sweet Teeth, they will open for my band Millencolin is Stockholm Oct 01!

Right now I'm getting the final touches on a couple of new releases which I will post news about very soon.

Would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for supporting and ordering stuff from my label. Big ups.



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