fredag 7 mars 2014

6 fast ones from Beel-Zebub Fanzine.

Just answered 6 important questions from Beel-Zebub Fanzine!

6 fast with De:Nihil Records

1. Who are you?

- Larre of De:Nihil Records/Kvoteringen/Millencolin/Klubb Tidens Tempo etc

2. Favorite metal record?

- Today it would be Sacrilege - “Behind the realms of madness"

3. Favorite punk record?

- Today it would be Sacrilege - “Behind the realms of madness"

4. Favorite beer?

- Depends on the situation but anything from Närke Kulturbryggeri and I’m set but I’m down for a regular “stor stark” as well.

5. Best gig ever?

- SLEEP @ Strand (Stockholm) 2012, The Hellacopters @ Medis (Stockholm) 2008, Unsane @ The Casbah (San Diego) 2012 are some of my favorites but I guess I could mention tons more.

6. Recommend a band!


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