måndag 12 september 2011

Great Illegal By Choice review in Maximum Rocknroll #341

Check it out!

V/A – “Illegal By Choice” EP
An amazing six-band, six track compilation released to raise awareness and
benefit the Punk Illegal and No One is Illegal Network (“Ingen människa är
illegal”)—an organization supporting refugees and supporting a world without
borders in Sweden. 
This 7” EP features exclusive tracks from some of the
heavy hitters of the current Swedish Punk scene—MEANWHILE (here with an
absolutely scathing cover of RIISTEYT), KVOTERINGEN with a blasting track of
blown out thrash, a total detonating punk charge from VICTIMS and a
surprising cover of an 1970s pop rock Albert Hammond song that was reworked
to be a Swedish radio hit by native crooner Lalla Hansson and then is
reinterpreted here with gusto, vigor and fire by ASTA KASK. 
There are great tracks from Vienna’s DEMENZIA KOLEKTIVA—a pop flavored punker with female vocals, and ALERT! ALERT!—distorted noise, echoing vocalled hardcore from
A great EP with an excellent cover by Crash Mange for a great cause!
(De Nihil)

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