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Larre:Nihil interview in

Staffan of THE great gang of just posted an interview with Larre:Nihil.

DE:Nihil Records interview

Since Law and Order Records and Green Menace Records printed the "We support Swedish hardcore. Do you?" sampler CD last year, it's been given to numerous touring bands and individuals in order to be spread all over the world. When touring Australia a few months ago, Millencolin's drummer Fredrik Larzon brought a bunch of copies with him and gave away to people he met along the way. I'd get reports along the lines of "the singer in Fucked Up! was really happy about receiving one". Fredrik also plays in Kvoteringen, one of the bands on the sampler, and has been doing De:Nihil records together with the band's singer for a while now. Since the label has several new releases, including a very nice benefit compilation for an organization helping so called "illegal immigrants" in Sweden, we sent a couple of questions. Here's what Fredrik had to say!
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Tell us how De:nihil got started and who's behind the label!

It's been an idea of mine for years, actually since way back when we put out our own stuff with bands before Millencolin and stuff. Just pushed it forward several times because I didn't really have the time but then I decided to do it last year. My buddy Calle (singer of my other band Kvoteringen) teamed up. Creative as hell and a funny inspirational guy.
First release was Nitad. Great friends of ours. They happened to have a bunch of songs recorded and we picked some of 'em for the Ep and released it. Turned out great. It sold out in about a month and a half. Now it's May 2011 and we just released two brand new EP's!

You're far from new to punk and hardcore, what prompted you to start the label at this time in your lifes?

It just felt right, we waited long enough, don't you think? right now it feels like the best decision we made in a long time, we're having a blast doing this.
There are tons of great bands around and a good vibe here in Sweden. Like the thing you did releasing the We Support Swedish Hardcore comp cd with all these great hardcore bands, from crust to sXe, very cool!!!
We just drive so it smokes.

Have you got any special thought behind what bands you're working with? Any dream bands?

Nah, we're pretty much open to anything. There are so many good bands around and we don't feel we wanna lock ourselves to a certain genre. We only release stuff both of us really like and we also want the whole thing with the sleeves and stuff to look good too.
Dream bands…not really, every release is a dream release.

What are your goals considering De:nihil?

One of the first goals we discussed was to do a benefit compilation, kind of like the Civilisationens Bakgård EP which by the way had a big impact on both me and Calle. This is actually coming true as we speak. About a week ago we sent our Illegal By Choice EP to pressing! It's a benefit compilation for Ingen Människa Är Illegal/Punk Illegal.
We managed to get exclusive tracks from Meanwhile, Asta Kask, Victims, Alert! Alert!, Demenzia Kolektiva and our own band Kvoteringen.
It feels great!
We'll see where we'll go from here.

You've got several really cool releases right now, tell us a little bit about them.

Thanks! Yes, Nitad "Den Gudomliga Världen" was a great band to start with and their EP sold out in pretty much a month and a half.
About a week ago we released Anstalt "Altamont Raceway" EP and Desperat "Demokrati eller Diktatur?" Ep.
Anstalt is a band Dan from The Accidents/Genocide Super Stars etc started when he moved to Vienna a while back and how should I describe it…angry as fuck hardcore..kind of like a mix between Genocide and Accidents but a little snottier.
Desperat, mangel maestros Åke, Chrille and Johan from Mob 47 with Distort Dude Jocke from Electric Funeral/Warvictims/Totalt Jävla Mörker do what they do best. M-A-N-G-E-L.
We're really proud of all these releases. Desperat is selling fast so get in touch if you wanna get a copy before they're gone.

What's next for the label?

Next up is the Illegal By Choice benefit comp EP, a new Kvoteringen Ep called "Storfinansen" and a brand new EP with Spiders, amazingly great band from Gothenburg. Some say Spiders sounds a bit like Dead Moon mixed with old hardrock/psyche. To me it's great fucking rock music .
That's pretty much what up right now. Good times!
Thanks Staffan and!!

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