tisdag 2 december 2014

P3 GULD: Gravmaskin is nominated!

Thats right GRAVMASKIN is nominated for the P3 GULD (P3Gold) award in the rock/metal category. P3 is a National Public Service Radio Channel in Sweden. And GRAVMASKIN everything you need for company in these difficult times. Don't miss them playing at Fritz Corner in Stockholm tomorrow, 141203. Merry Christmas everybody! 

Vote for GRAVMASKIN here!

HOW TO VOTE: Scroll down and click on the Gravmaskin pic. Then click "Registrera din röst!" . You register by using your Facebook account. If you succed it will say "Boom". But nothing will show up in your feed. You can also vote by using your phone. Fill in your numer in the box below "Registrera din röst!" and click the button next  to it.

Live "Dr. Who" intro and "Desert" from Oslo

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