torsdag 22 november 2012

Phoebus Beat Clan OUT NOW!

Brand new 7" EP with Stockholm's finest! 
4-tracks of melodic psychedelic punkrock delivered by former members of Henry Fiats Open Sore and The Robots!

Here's the story.

Reincarnation of the Circle Melts the Wheel
De:Nihil Records

Three seemingly unrelated murder cases form the backbone of this bite-size epic from the Phoebus Beat Clan. 

The murders, all unsolved, have only three things in common: the victims were men, the victims were sexual predators and their death was violent.
However, the blood tracks leading from the crime scenes speak their own morbid language. 
They are human/canine in nature, with visible claw marks, five (!) digital pads and one large metacarpal pad. Evident in saliva samples are traces softdrinks, junk food and prescription pharmaceuticals.
To students of Phoebus Beat Clan’s particular and savage lore, the identity of the murderer should pose less of a mystery than it does to the police. 
But these individual and grisly deeds only serve as the starting point of future events which will come to shake the foundations of mankind’s existence on the planet. 
On the fourth and final track of this E.P, we are introduced to the Harbinger, he who carries the horror of days to come…

Listen here.

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