lördag 19 maj 2012


Today at 5pm CET we're releasing the mighty Swarm EP!!
We are super stoked about this release!
(first 75x w/ poster)
Buy it HERE!!

SWARM says,

Playing in a band is not about sex, drugs and rock n’ roll. It's an art and we take it very seriously. It's our craftsmanship.

Stockholm, Sweden-based trio Swarm consists of Johan (Victims) on bass, Marcus (Disfear) on drums and Uffe (Disfear, ex En- tombed) on guitar. Swarm was formed in 2011 with an intention to play slower punk/blues-based music with a hard-core edge. 
Our 3-piece makes every instrument stand out stronger. 
We're getting old and we have kids, dogs and other bands, so we work slowly, but we're serious! We love making music, and touring when we can, and that's what we're going to do.

Swarm is influenced by bands like Steel Pole Bath Tub, Melvins, Swans, Unsane, Hammerhead, Shellac, Jimi Hen- drix, Hot Snakes, No Means No, Tool, Queens of the Stone Age, and Vaz (to name but a few) and we write music that also has the soul of jazz, blues, art, literature and anarchy. 

This is what we want to do. Swarm has a collective heart that consists of the 3 of us bonded in friendship and deep respect for each other. 
Our struggle is to stand out, not fit in, and to love more.

We like to love and be loved and we love you. 

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