onsdag 2 november 2011

Bo Cavefors, Skull Defekts and Pär Strömberg on De:Nihil vinyl!

De:Nihil Records is about to deliver the recipe against these autumn years. We have teamed up with the legendary publisher, author and artist BO CAVEFORS. The almighty SKULL DEFEKTS and the orchestrator of dark colors himself, artist and painter PÄR STRÖMBERG. Together we'll cook a stew of plastic vinyl to ease your pains.

We discovered Bo Cavefors during the early 90's through his magazine Svarta Fanor. He's a man with a longer CV than yours! Through publications, words and theatre Bo Cavefors turns the pages of life, exposes the letters and forces us to literary swallow them!

Through friends and plenty of beers, the sound of the critically acclaimed album Peer Amid by the Skull Defekts has concurred the ears of plenty here at the De:Nihil HQ. New tunes recently out on Altered Zones and performance soon on the Swedish Energies Festival in Brooklyn - These skulls won't let you rest until you are deadly dead.

"When you sit through the long dark winters and you have nothing else to do you start creating your own world." Old time friend Pär Stömberg has for a long time dressed our mystical environments in different darker colors. He's paintings are like the songs that we feed ourselves with during nights of rage and mornings of enlightenment. If you happen to be near Örebro. Don't miss Pär exhibition at Galleri Östra 19th of November

Now let your fingers dance over the keyboard. Its time for you to discover more about these artists to the imaginary tunes of our secret recipe! Note that the links above are in both swedish  and english... life is not...

Skull Defekts with Daniel Higgs

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