onsdag 13 juli 2011

Anstalt and Desperat reviews in Maximum Rock 'n Roll

Here's two reviews from maximum Rock 'n Roll. I think issue MRR #339

DESPERAT – “Demokrati Eller Diktatur?” EP
Quite the pedigree with this band, and while it isn’t the second coming of
MOB 47, it is a pretty raging Swedish Hardcore record. Think the last 12”
these guys did was limited to 300, not sure of the stats on this one, but
any fan of gnarly kick in the teeth “Kang” would probably be bummed on
missing this. While there isn’t a whole lot of room to move around with this
style, these guys do play it wit a noticeable amount of energy and anger.

ANSTALT – “Altamont Raceway” EP
Wow, even before I found out this band was ex-GENOCIDE SS, that voice and
the song structures were unmistakable. This might as well be a continuation
of that band, gritty Motörpunk’n’roll, Lemmy vocals, “woah-ohs,” solos and
all. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I miss the multiple
vocalists but the songs are hella catchy, the recording is raw enough and I
have no doubt whatsoever that the live show is a beer-soaked good time.
Fuck, even the record had me pumping my fist and air-guitaring along. Along
with the new GASMASK TERROR EP, this is some of the best Motörpunk I’ve
heard in years. (AU)

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