tisdag 26 april 2011


This weekend SPIDERS are to record two songs for an upcomíng De:Nihil Records release. We're excited as hell for this next chapter in the Book of Nihil!

Crusher Records describes the band verry well: SPIDERS mix garage punk and early hard rock with bluesy melodies. The band is fronted by a female lead singer possessing an awesome voice with attitude, reminding of a new Jinx Dawson or Mariska Veres. In addition to that we find the guitarist from Witchcraft, the drummer from Graveyard and the bass player from Midwest in the line-up. SPIDERS’ songs reveal the bands incredible songwriting prowess and the music is full of energy and raw rock riffs.

This session will be the first to feature Rickard Harry Harrysson on drums (Roadrunners, Maharajas and Nicola Sarcevic) who replaces Axel Sjöberg. More info up on this blogg soon - stay tuned!

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