tisdag 25 januari 2011

New Kvoteringen, Anstalt and stuff.

Last Saturday we recorded drums, guitars and stuff for a brand new Kvoteringen 7" EP!
It will be released by us together with awesome diy label D-Takt & Råpunk Rec as soon as we have put down bass and mixed the tunes.

ANSTALT only have the mixing left and then we'll send it to pressing asap. It'll be a great one!
We will also get more of their first 7" EP any day now from DSB Records so, swedes you can buy it from us if you'd like.

We got just a few De:Nihil-shirts left in S and L, white (2S, 2L) and khaki (2S). 90Skr plus postage.
Patches 10Skr plus postage.

Some No Way Rec EP's left.
Life Trap "Bleak Reality" EP 30Skr
Chronic Sick 7" 30Skr
Warkrime "Give War A Chance" 7" 30Skr

(Np. Systematic Death "Systema Seven ep.")

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