söndag 22 januari 2012


Its sunday morning, snow outside and infront of us. The loathful pig. We looked into its staringn eyes and aseked for a collaboration. PIG EYES is right now working on material that will end up on a 12" on De:Nihil Records. This new band of six (who also plays or played in Nitad, In Solitude, Trapdoor Fucking Exit and Kvoteringen) have just started their peregrination of cosmic proportions. The results will be avaiable for you when this Swedish winter comes towards an end. You will enjoy! That's a De:Nihil promise...

PIF EYES are: Henke Palm - Guitars, Daniel Astgren - Drums, Viktor Bergman - Drums, Calle Henriksson - Vocals, Benjamin Vallé - Guitars and Henrik Pripps - Bass

Bullet With Everything by Pig Eyes

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