fredag 24 juni 2011

Punk Illegal is a Dead Man

Yeah! Calle is off to PUNK ILLEGAL in Munkedal with a whole bunch of Illegal by Choice 7 inches. Gonna be great. No sill och potäter. No snaps. No mosh. Just plain discharge style hardcore just as it was ment to be!

Got some last minute help packing records by Peter and Krille of  DEAD MAN. The guys are recording two songs for a 7" on De:Nihil Records to be released later this summer. A new line up but still the same soulfilled rock that makes our hearts and minds bleed. Is a more than welcomed carnage for us here at Church of De:Nihil.

Well since there is a festival comming up. You probably will find me standing like a dickhead, moaning in front of RUDIOSA INMUNDICIA. See you there!

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